Beginners PHP

Welcome to Beginners PHP, on this site you will find various source code snippets, books, tutorials and articles and links for PHP. As you can see we have re-designed the layout.

We are starting to revamp our Downloads area. The aim of this is to have more useful freeware and shareware related to PHP and MySQL in the one location


We have collected various sample chapters in time, our collection is available at Sample book Chapters

We have started a new source code section called CMS, this will have various code snippets for CMS such as Wordpress, joomla and various others


We decided to publish some of the simple wordpress plugins that we use on sone of our Wordpress blogs, these are free to download and are unencrypted. Hopefully some of the techniques can be used in your own plugins and they are PHP related. Visit our plugin page here.


We have created a Wordpress blog where we shall show some of these plugins in action and post updated news. You can visit that at Beginners PHP Wordpress blog


A This is our basic series of PHP and MySQL tutorials on various PHP subjects, the first couple have been completed and are already in place. Visit our PHP and MySQL tutorial section.


Some of our tutorials are listed at Tutorials2u : the tutorial directory, this is another site run by us and of course if you have any tutorials or know any good tutorials then pay it a visit and submit them.


You can now display our latest code snippets on your own website by using our PHP categorised RSS feeds, check out the feeds that we have available by visiting theBeginners php RSS feeds section


We have completed relaunched our PHP script directory section and there are now 10000 listings in it and a different look and feel, of course new listings can be submitted and will be reviewed and include. Take a look at our PHP script directory and see.



Random Code Example

using the array_shift function(beginner)
strip out certain tags(string)
highlighting source code(beginner)
Reverse sort(functions)
reversing an array(beginner)

Random Article

PHP Email
Clickbank Security Using PHP

Random Download



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